Happy National Puppy Day

Cato and Lucky relax on their special day.

Cato and Lucky would like to wish everyone a Happy National Puppy Day. Today we’re getting pampered, just like any other day, haha! We may not be puppies anymore, but we still think and act like puppies. Treat your fur babies extra nice today!


I’m One Cool Dog

Cool Lucky

Hey, just because the weather is cold, rainy, and damp and I have to stay inside, doesn’t mean I can’t be cool. My dads caught me chillin’ out on the couch waiting for a snack to come my way. Not only humans can be cool dudes, but we dogs can be cool dudes (or in my case cool dudesses) too. So, grab yourself a pair of shades, wrap yourself in a fleece blanket, ignore the crappy weather, and chill out!

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