A Very Cato Christmas to All

This was my first Christmas celebration without my sister, Lucky. Even though she wasn’t physically with us, we could feel her presence. Her stocking was hung on the mantle, along with mine and my dads’.

I got all kinds of presents, including a down jacket and winter shoes for those cold winter walks. I had so much fun opening my gifts after my dads opened theirs. I’ve already sampled my treats and chewed on my squeaky toys. My dad, Kevin, even took me for a walk in the after-blizzard freezing temperatures.

I’m so happy to have a warm, loving home where I am treated like a king. I only wish all those poor homeless dogs and cats in shelters and living on the streets could have a home like mine.

I want to wish all my animal friends, and humans a warm and Merry Christmas. And a special loving Christmas to my sister, Lucky, up there over the rainbow!

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m Staying in Bed!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. My dads got up this morning to help prepare for the Thanksgiving feast, but I decided to stay in bed for a while. After all, I’m not much help cooking, but I am more than happy to help with the eating. I’m having my own turkey dog food for my Turkey Day dinner.

I hope all of my human friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving and the furry members of their families have a special treat to celebrate this day of sharing, and giving thanks for all we have.

OMG, I Am So Tired!

Dog tired Cato.

It’s been another long day and it’s raining and boy am I tired! My dad took me for a walk, I begged for treats, had my dinner, and brushed my teeth. Now I have to take a nap before I go to bed. I have to go to bed every night at 9:30 or I get whiney and pushy. It’s tough being a dog, especially a spoiled dog!

I Think I Deserve a Treat


Sometimes, when I want a treat, which is most of the time, I just stare at my dad, until he gives me one. I usually don’t bark if I want something I just stare. My dad has to ask me what I want. When he says. “do you want to pee?” I bark and he lets me out to pee. If he says, “do you want a treat?” I go over to where my treats are kept. If he says, “do you want to go to bed?” I run upstairs and hop on the bed. I have my dads vey well trained.

Happy National Dog Day 2022


My humans and I would like to wish all of our dog friends a very Happy National Dog Day. And I offer a very special wish to my little sister, Lucky, who I’m sure is celebrating on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you, Lucky.

As we are all celebrating National Dog Day, I can’t help but think of all the dogs living in shelters or on the streets who have no families and nothing to celebrate. I’m sure there are families out there who don’t have a fur baby to celebrate with and share their love with. If you want a faithful companion who will love you unconditionally please think of expanding your family and adopting a shelter dog. You will be repaid with years of happiness and love.

Continuing The Tradition on My Own.

Top Dog, Cato

At times I really miss my little sister, Lucky, but now I’m the top dog around our house. I must admit that Lucky was quite bossy and got on my nerves a lot. She hoarded all of our toys and tried to steal my snacks and she also wanted too much attention. Our dads couldn’t take us for a walk many times because Lucky barked at everyone and everything and was not at all behaved.

Now things are different. I’m much more relaxed. I can have all the toys to myself, but I don’t touch Lucky’s favorite toy, out of respect for her. I can eat my meals in peace and I don’t have any competition for snacks. I also don’t have any competition for attention. I get it all!

I also go for a walk every day, which I love so much that I want to go several times during the day. I go right to my leash and harness whenever I want to go for a walk. When I am walking with my dad I mind my own business and don’t bark at all. Whenever I meet another dog I don’t growl or bark, but simply do my sniffing to get to know them. I even wait until I get home to pee!

I get to visit the neighbors (for even more attention) with my dads and simply lay at their feet until they are ready to go home. However, when it gets near my bedtime, 9:30, I start getting antsy and want to go home.

Life is different and life is good. I’ll keep you all up to date on how I’m doing. Keep reading my blog, please.

In Loving Memory of Our Little Princess, Lucky.

It’s been almost 3 months since our little girl, Lucky, suddenly left us and crossed over the rainbow bridge. We haven’t forgotten her for one minute since her passing. We have spent our time making a permanent memorial to Lucky, in the form of a pond and a small garden. She loved running around the backyard with Cato, chasing the birds and rabbits, and smelling the flowers. We know that in some ways she is still doing this in her own little garden.

Many times when Cato is in the backyard, he looks around, as if he’s looking for Lucky to join him. We are sure Cato can see her. Even though Cato misses Lucky he has blossomed into a new dog, showing his newfound strength and talents. He is now the top dog and will continue the tradition of Cattle Dog Kids.

What a Life!

Lucky and Cato

It’s 19 degrees and snowing heavily. We’ve had our dinner, brushed our teeth, and been outside to pee. One of our dads is in the basement playing computer games and the other is sitting across from us on the other couch watching television. We have had our dinner and brushed our teeth. And we’ve been out in the cold snow to pee. We’re all comfy on our couch (not really ours, we have to share). What more could we ask for? Maybe more treats, but that is wishful thinking. What a life we have!

Such Hard Work Just to Pee

Cato and Lucky going to pee!

Usually, we wake up, go downstairs and run out to pee without any problems, but not today! We got a snowstorm last night and it dumped 18 inches of snow on our house. We usually like the snow, but we were surprised by how much fell overnight. Cato was lazy and peed on the deck and I managed to make it off the deck to pee. Nevertheless, it was a short bathroom break for both of us. I’m sure once we get used to it, we’ll be out playing in it this afternoon.

We really feel sorry for our little friends, like dachshunds and chihuahuas, who would be buried by all of that snow. We hope your humans shovel a pee path for you all. Otherwise please stay safe and enjoy the white stuff. Spring is only 3 months away, and then we can play in the mud!

What To Do On A Very Cold and Snowy Night.


Tonight it is snowing and the temperature is only 9 degrees. The only way Cato and I are going outside is to poop or pee, so I’m curled up, nice and cozy on the couch, waiting until it’s time to go to bed.

I can’t help thinking about the poor dogs and cats that don’t have a home to sleep in on nights like these. So, all you humans, please don’t leave your pets outside in freezing cold weather. They deserve to be as warm as you are.

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