It’s Our Birthday!

Cato and Lucky

Welcome to our birthday party. Eight years ago we were born into this world and 2 months later we joined our dads’ family as their favorite kids. I know we don’t look happy, but our dads make us wear these silly hats and pose for photos before we get to eat our cake. Little sister Lucky scarfed down her cake in no time, while Cato, the gentleman he is, took his time. As always we enjoyed our party and especially the cake and the treats. Wish you could have joined us. Thanks, Dads!


What a Life!

Lucky and Cato

It’s 19 degrees and snowing heavily. We’ve had our dinner, brushed our teeth, and been outside to pee. One of our dads is in the basement playing computer games and the other is sitting across from us on the other couch watching television. We have had our dinner and brushed our teeth. And we’ve been out in the cold snow to pee. We’re all comfy on our couch (not really ours, we have to share). What more could we ask for? Maybe more treats, but that is wishful thinking. What a life we have!

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