What an Exhausting Day!


Some days I’m just so busy! I have to follow my dads around, go out and chase all the birds in our yard, bark at the mailman and the FedEx and UPS drivers, as well as anyone who walks past the house. When the neighbors come home and the kids get off the school bus I have to bark to let them know I’m protecting our house. Whenever one of my dads is in the kitchen I have to follow him around in case he decides to eat anything.

It’s so hard when one of my dads is in his basement office working and the other one is either doing something outside or in the living room. I can’t be with them both at the same time! It is so stressful for me and for my sister lucky when they are not in the same room and sitting down!

After we all eat dinner and we beg for some of our dads’ dinner and Lucky and I have brushed our teeth our dads sit down in the living room to watch television. Finally we don’t have to follow them around the house. Now Lucky and I are completely exhausted. I can finally lay down on the couch and rest my head for a nap before bedtime. It’s tough being a cattle dog, but I’m happy.

We Had Our DNA Tested!

Lucky and Cato

Ever since our dads brought us home 7 years ago they has been wondering what our real breed was. The that my dads got us from said that we were a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Black Lab. That’s what our vet thought too. For a long time our dads have wanted to test our DNA, because Cato looks a lot different from me, Lucky.

A few weeks ago my dad, Kevin, found a good deal of a DNA kit for dogs. So he swabbed my cheeks and sent it in for analysis. And we waited. Our dads were trying to guess what other breed we might be. I’m very bossy and Cato is very laid back. We are both very protective of our dads and we both stick close to our dads, like velcro. We Cattle dogs are sometimes called velcro dogs because we are always stick to our owners.

My dads and friends guessed that we were a mix of labrador retriever, shepard and even hound. Everybody had to wait for 2 weeks before the results were known.

Today the we got our answer. Cato and I are 61% to 99% Australian Cattle Dog DNA with a trace of Irish Setter! Irish Setter! Who would have guessed? Neither one of us a a single red hair on our body!

Happy National Puppy Day

Our puppy pictures!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy National Puppy Day. Even though we are a lot bigger than the photo above we are still puppies to our dads. And we still act like puppies! We hope all you dog parents give your puppies, big or small, an extra treat today. Have fun everyone.

Time for Birthday Cake!

Cato and Lucky with their peanut butter birthday cake.

Yesterday we enjoyed our birthday dinner with our dads, but we waited until today to have our birthday cake. It wasn’t our choice to wait though. It was good that we waited because we were exhausted last night after our big dinner.

Tonight we couldn’t wait to get into that big peanut butter birthday cake bone. As you can see we didn’t like the idea of waiting, especially Lucky. Don’t worry we weren’t allowed to eat the whole thing tonight. We can take a few days to finish off the cake. We’d like to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes we received. Now we have to rest.

Good Morning World!

Good morning from Lucky and Cato.

This is what our dads see every morning when they open their eyes. A little bit of quiet time before we get excited to go out and pee and wait, in hopes of sharing some breakfast with them. The bed is our favorite place in the house. But it would be nice if our dads bought a bigger one so we could stretch out. Some day!

Breakfast Buddies

Lucky and Dad, Kevin.

Every time one of my dads eats breakfast,or any other meal, I’m right there to join them. I just want to make sure that the floor is kept clean from fallen food. I’m so helpful, aren’t I? if you’re wondering where Cato is, he’s watching from under the table.

A Cato and Lucky Christmas

Well, finally our wait was over. We woke up this morning, Christmas morning, to find out Santa Claus had been to our house during the night. Our dads opened their presents first and then it was our turn. Here are some of the photos my dad, Kevin took. I hope you had as much fun as we did.


We got a lot of stuff in our stockings too, but we have to wait until later to enjoy them. Our dads are afraid we would eat all of the treats in one day. Can you imagine that? Here are the photos of our stockings, full of treats.

Lucky’s stocking
Cato’s stocking.

Merry Christmas again to all of our pet friends and pet parents.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Cato and Lucky waiting for Santa.

Lucky and I are getting pretty excited waiting for Santa Claus to come. We know there are a couple of presents under the tree for us, but what we are really excited for are our stocking that are hanging from the mantle.

Cato guarding our stockings.

There are four stocking hanging from the mantle. One for each of our dads and one for each of us. If you look closely you can see that our stocking are actually shaped like a bone. We know there are a lot of goodies in there, but we have to wait for 2 more days.

We would like to wish all of our furry friends and slimy and scaly and feathery pet friends a very Merry Christmas . And also a very Merry Christmas to your pet parents. I’m sure they will show you a lot of love this holiday season. Stay safe and warm!

The Other Members of Our Pet Family

Quaker parrots, Gizmo and Blue.
Hannibal, the chameleon.
My dads’ reef tank.

Cato and I, of course are the most important pets our dads have, but we want to introduce the other pets that live in our household. My dads have 2 quaker parrots, Blue and Gizmo. They are extremely noisy and messy. Sometimes they are allowed to fly around the house, but Cato and I know that we are not allowed to catch them. Once Blue even landed on Cato’s head. He didn’t like it, but he didn’t touch Blue. Cato and I can chase as many birds as we want when we are outside, but we leave Blue and Gizmo alone.

My dad, Kevin, has a chameleon. He’s neat because he turns all kinds of colors, from blue, to red, to yellow and of course green. When he’s outside his enclosure we can sniff him, but he is kind of boring because he moves so slowly.

My dads also have two saltwater aquariums, which they spend a lot of money on. I don’t get, though. The fish don’t do anything except swim around. They’re pretty, but we usually ignore them. There are also some koi that live in the pond in our backyard. We rarely see them, so we don’t pay any attention to them.

So that’s all of the members of our little family. Some people call our house a zoo, but it’s our home and we love it.

Our Dads Bought Us a New Couch

Lucky taking a nap on the new couch.

Our dads bought a new couch. They said it was for them, but we all know couches are for dogs, not people. They also bought Cato and I new beds for the floor beside the couch. They’re okay, but the couch is so much more comfortable. We only use our beds if there’s no room on the couch.