Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me! It’s My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Cato! Today I turn 9 years old and I am feeling grateful for all the love and cuddles I’ve received over the years.

But this year is different, as it’s the first time I’m celebrating my birthday without my beloved sister, Lucky. Even though she’s no longer with us physically, she will always be in our hearts and memories.

Thank you to all my furry friends and humans for making my day special. And Lucky, wherever you are over the rainbow bridge, I hope you are celebrating with us too.

Lucky and myself celebrating our birthday 2022.


Okay, I’m Ready for Bed

Cato wants to go to bed.

One of my dads is away for a few days at a conference and it’s just me and my other dad at home. My dad, Kevin, who is away, always goes to bed earlier than my dad Steve, so I am not used to staying up so late. Today I went for a walk, had many treats, and spent time in the backyard, barking at anything and everything.

I had my dinner, brushed my teeth, been out to pee several times, and begged for treats, but not always successful. So now I am ready for bed. But my dad says. “it’s only 8 0’clock!” Isn’t it terrible that he’s making me stay up so late?

I Need Some Attention!

One of my dads has gone away to a conference and I’m not getting as much attention as I usually do. My dad will be gone for four days and I’m afraid my other dad will leave me alone. So I follow him wherever he goes. When he sits down I have to be right next to him to ensure I get a lot of attention. Last night he stayed up late watching television. It was way past my bedtime so I sat in front of him and stared, whining, until he went with me upstairs to go to bed.

I’m so used to having both of my dads at home with me that I get anxious when one of them leaves, even for a short time. I don’t completely relax until everyone is home together. A few months ago both of my dads went on vacation for a whole week and they left me with a friend of theirs. He was very nice, but I was extremely upset. I wouldn’t even eat, except for a few snacks.

I still remember my dads leaving me and I’m afraid they’ll do it again. I guess you humans call that separation anxiety. It’s not fun for us dogs. I know my dads worry about me when they go away, but I really miss them when they are gone, even for a few minutes.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Cato, helping with the Chinese New Year meal.

Since my dad, Kevin, is Malaysian Chinese we all celebrate the Chinese New Year in our house. My dad prepares the traditional Hotpot meal which consists of a lot of different kinds of food, including meat and fish balls, mushrooms, cod, sliced beef, tofu, and all kinds of vegetables. Each person at the table chooses from all the ingredients and cooks his own, in the big pot which contains the broth. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do that. But I did help in preparing the meal. My job was to make sure none of the food fell to the floor!

Here is a picture of the table at our celebration. I know you can’t see me, but I’m there. I’m under the table, in case something falls off the table. Don’t worry though. I enjoyed my own dog friendly meal after the hotpot.

Chinese New Year Hotpot

I’m sorry for being a little late posting these pictures, but the Chinese New Year celebration lasts for 2 weeks and we are still celebrating. So Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit to all of my friends!

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