Such Hard Work Just to Pee

Cato and Lucky going to pee!

Usually, we wake up, go downstairs and run out to pee without any problems, but not today! We got a snowstorm last night and it dumped 18 inches of snow on our house. We usually like the snow, but we were surprised by how much fell overnight. Cato was lazy and peed on the deck and I managed to make it off the deck to pee. Nevertheless, it was a short bathroom break for both of us. I’m sure once we get used to it, we’ll be out playing in it this afternoon.

We really feel sorry for our little friends, like dachshunds and chihuahuas, who would be buried by all of that snow. We hope your humans shovel a pee path for you all. Otherwise please stay safe and enjoy the white stuff. Spring is only 3 months away, and then we can play in the mud!


What To Do On A Very Cold and Snowy Night.


Tonight it is snowing and the temperature is only 9 degrees. The only way Cato and I are going outside is to poop or pee, so I’m curled up, nice and cozy on the couch, waiting until it’s time to go to bed.

I can’t help thinking about the poor dogs and cats that don’t have a home to sleep in on nights like these. So, all you humans, please don’t leave your pets outside in freezing cold weather. They deserve to be as warm as you are.

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