We Had Our DNA Tested!

Lucky and Cato

Ever since our dads brought us home 7 years ago they has been wondering what our real breed was. The that my dads got us from said that we were a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Black Lab. That’s what our vet thought too. For a long time our dads have wanted to test our DNA, because Cato looks a lot different from me, Lucky.

A few weeks ago my dad, Kevin, found a good deal of a DNA kit for dogs. So he swabbed my cheeks and sent it in for analysis. And we waited. Our dads were trying to guess what other breed we might be. I’m very bossy and Cato is very laid back. We are both very protective of our dads and we both stick close to our dads, like velcro. We Cattle dogs are sometimes called velcro dogs because we are always stick to our owners.

My dads and friends guessed that we were a mix of labrador retriever, shepard and even hound. Everybody had to wait for 2 weeks before the results were known.

Today the we got our answer. Cato and I are 61% to 99% Australian Cattle Dog DNA with a trace of Irish Setter! Irish Setter! Who would have guessed? Neither one of us a a single red hair on our body!

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