It’s Our Birthday Today!

We’re having our birthday dinner with our dads.

Aren’t we well behaved at the dinner table?

Seven years ago Lucky and I were born. In April our dads adopted us and brought us to live with them in their new home. Today (February 27) is also the day that our dads arrived in the United States from Malaysia to live permanently. Three years ago our dad Kevin received notice that he passed the qualifications to become a US citizen. Tomorrow is also our dad Steve’s birthday.

Because there was so much to be grateful for our dad Kevin cooked us all a big meal. For our birthday he cooked us steak, carrots and cabbage. We even had a roll. Our dads had crab legs, which we didn’t have. Because we had so much to eat we have to wait until tomorrow for our birthday cake. It’ll be another great day for us. We will share the pictures of the birthday cake tomorrow. Here are a few more pictures of us eating our birthday dinner. See how well behaved we are sitting at the table!

Me, Cato.

My sister, Lucky.

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Cato and Lucky, Happy Birthday to us!


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