The Chief Food Safety Inspector – Lucky

Since I have to protect my humans at all times I think it is necessary for me to make sure everything they eat is okay. Here I am inspecting my dad’s meal for safety. Unfortunately he doesn’t agree with my job as food safety inspector because I didn’t get anything to sample! I keep trying though and every once and a while I get a snack!

Our Favorite Place to Look Out Onto the Deck

    We love to sit on the arm of the couch and look out onto the deck. From this place we can see if there are any birds at the bird feeder or if there are any kids playing in their back yard. We can also see if anyone is sneaking any food in the kitchen and trying to hide it from us. If anyone wants to sit down we usually stretch out so they can’t. Cato will leave but Lucky won’t move.

I’m Watching You!


Every time one of my humans sit at the kitchen table Lucky and I watch them in case they are eating something. As soon as we hear the noise of bags or boxes opening or the we see any kind of food or snacks we immediately run to the table. Neither one of us want to have our humans eat alone!

Bed Time

    In the last post you saw a picture of us taking a nap before bed.  Now we are showing what happens when it is actual bed time and we go to sleep with our humans.

This is where we are supposed to sleep, but don’t. 

This is where we actually sleep.

When we are in bed we don’t like to move an inch. Our humans have to squeeze in between us when they get into bed. We sleep until morning and until we decide when our humans get up!

Lucky Loves Swimming

    Last year my humans bought me a small kiddie pool and tried to surprise me with it. It had the head of a dog on it, because I guess puppies could also use it. When I saw it I was so scared I barked at it and jumped over a 6 ft. fence! I was brought back and placed in the pool but I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t even just put my feet in the water. When my daddies went swimming I liked to watch and bark. I love to bite the water when it comes out a garden hose and I wanted to bite the splashes!

    Finally daddy Kevin carried me into the water with him.  I even started swimming without anyone teaching me! After a while I learned to climb on the ladder and jump in and then when I wanted to get out I learned to go to the ladder and climb out! I love playing catch in the pool and biting the splashes that people make. I’m not supposed to go in alone, but a couple of times I jumped in by myself.

    All the time I am in the pool Cato is on the edge barking constantly because he wants to play, but he is too afraid to go in. Kevin even took him in the water and he could swim too, but he really doesn’t like to go in the pool. The pool is closed for the year, so I will  have to wait until next year. So sad.

My name is Lucky!


    My name is Lucky and I am a spayed female Cattle Dog. I weigh 46.5 lbs. I am shorter, but heavier than my brother Cato.  I am a bit hyper and love to play all of the time. I love to play ball, go swimming and beat up Cato. When I play ball with Cato I usually always get the ball. My favorite toy is my donut, a hard rubber ring. My vet said that I am a hoarder because I hoard all of our toys and won’t let Cato have anything. I love treats and I can eat mine very fast and sometimes manage to steal Cato’s. I do not like my crate and when my daddies put me there when they go out I bark and howl until they come back. I love to go for walks but I do not behave very well. I also bark at just about everything I see, especially kids playing, because I want to play with them. I love to go swimming in the pool and playing ball there, but Cato is too afraid to come in the water with me.
My baby picture.

My name is Cato!

    My name is Cato and I am a male cattle dog, but I’m neutered. At my last vet’s appointment I weighed 45.5 lbs. I am a total lap dog!  I am very laid back and I love to cuddle with my two dads on the couch. My favorite activity is sleeping, but I also love to run around and play fight with my sister Lucky. I always try to sit on the laps of my visitors, but I guess I am too big now. I love to play ball, but I still haven’t gotten the knack of bringing the ball back to the person who threw it. Usually Lucky steals it from me as soon as I get the ball. I like to go for walks and I am very well behaved, unlike my sister. I love playing with my human neighbor kids, who are triplets.  I love my sister Lucky, even though she steals my treats and toys. I do not like to be separated from her even for a little while.

My puppy picture.

Hello Humans


Hi everybody! Our names are Cato and Lucky and we are new to the Internet. We are Cattle Dogs, or really a Cattle Dog mix. We are brother and sister a little over a year old. We were adopted by our 2 human daddies when we were about 3 months old.  When our humans were looking for a puppy they only wanted one dog, but when they saw we were the only tow left of our litter they took both of us. We are really happy that they adopted both of us because we don’t like to be separated. We are very active dogs and not always well behaved. We have never had a blog before, so we decided to write this one. We will write about our adventures and show many photos of us. I hope you become our friends and enjoy reading about us. You don’t even have to give us any treats!

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