What an Exhausting Day!


Some days I’m just so busy! I have to follow my dads around, go out and chase all the birds in our yard, bark at the mailman and the FedEx and UPS drivers, as well as anyone who walks past the house. When the neighbors come home and the kids get off the school bus I have to bark to let them know I’m protecting our house. Whenever one of my dads is in the kitchen I have to follow him around in case he decides to eat anything.

It’s so hard when one of my dads is in his basement office working and the other one is either doing something outside or in the living room. I can’t be with them both at the same time! It is so stressful for me and for my sister lucky when they are not in the same room and sitting down!

After we all eat dinner and we beg for some of our dads’ dinner and Lucky and I have brushed our teeth our dads sit down in the living room to watch television. Finally we don’t have to follow them around the house. Now Lucky and I are completely exhausted. I can finally lay down on the couch and rest my head for a nap before bedtime. It’s tough being a cattle dog, but I’m happy.