I Need Some Attention!

One of my dads has gone away to a conference and I’m not getting as much attention as I usually do. My dad will be gone for four days and I’m afraid my other dad will leave me alone. So I follow him wherever he goes. When he sits down I have to be right next to him to ensure I get a lot of attention. Last night he stayed up late watching television. It was way past my bedtime so I sat in front of him and stared, whining, until he went with me upstairs to go to bed.

I’m so used to having both of my dads at home with me that I get anxious when one of them leaves, even for a short time. I don’t completely relax until everyone is home together. A few months ago both of my dads went on vacation for a whole week and they left me with a friend of theirs. He was very nice, but I was extremely upset. I wouldn’t even eat, except for a few snacks.

I still remember my dads leaving me and I’m afraid they’ll do it again. I guess you humans call that separation anxiety. It’s not fun for us dogs. I know my dads worry about me when they go away, but I really miss them when they are gone, even for a few minutes.

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