What manners Lucky!

Lucky at dinner.

    As you can see I don’t have many manners, especially when it comes to dinner time or any time food is involved. My humans call me Miss Piggy.


My name is Lucky!


    My name is Lucky and I am a spayed female Cattle Dog. I weigh 46.5 lbs. I am shorter, but heavier than my brother Cato.  I am a bit hyper and love to play all of the time. I love to play ball, go swimming and beat up Cato. When I play ball with Cato I usually always get the ball. My favorite toy is my donut, a hard rubber ring. My vet said that I am a hoarder because I hoard all of our toys and won’t let Cato have anything. I love treats and I can eat mine very fast and sometimes manage to steal Cato’s. I do not like my crate and when my daddies put me there when they go out I bark and howl until they come back. I love to go for walks but I do not behave very well. I also bark at just about everything I see, especially kids playing, because I want to play with them. I love to go swimming in the pool and playing ball there, but Cato is too afraid to come in the water with me.
My baby picture.

Our first day in our new home.

This is how we arrived at our new home, in a Lowe’s cardboard box. We didn’t stay in the box in the car on the way home and we didn’t stay in the box very long when we got home.

We stayed in a little pen in the from foyer of our house until our daddies got us each a crate. We cried all night long and soon learned to climb over this pen.
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