It’s Our Birthday!

Cato and Lucky

Welcome to our birthday party. Eight years ago we were born into this world and 2 months later we joined our dads’ family as their favorite kids. I know we don’t look happy, but our dads make us wear these silly hats and pose for photos before we get to eat our cake. Little sister Lucky scarfed down her cake in no time, while Cato, the gentleman he is, took his time. As always we enjoyed our party and especially the cake and the treats. Wish you could have joined us. Thanks, Dads!


2 thoughts on “It’s Our Birthday!”

  1. I think that’s awesome!! Happy Birthday!! I have 2 cattle dogs myself Munch and Bensyn!! Yes, were L&O SVU fans!! They will be 1 in April!! I noticed Cato and Lucky wear a shock collar?? Have either one of them been aggressive because My Munch has been showing signs with his littermate Bensyn and I’m wondering if a shock collar would make him more aggressive?? If you could answer me that’d be great! I’m on Facebook too!!


    1. They wear bark collars because they bark at everything, real or imaginary. It doesn’t make either of them aggressive, on the contrary, it calms them down. Cato (male) is the very sensitive and laid-back one. Lucky (female) is very bossy, to everyone. She doesn’t like other dogs, either.


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