Just Waiting for Something to Fall!

Waiting and Hoping for something to fall!

I have 3 favorite spots in our house. The bedroom where I love to sleep on the bed. The basement, where I can watch the sump pump. And my all-time favorite, the kitchen. Cato’s favorite spot I think it the bed, or any place where both of my dads are at the same time.

I am rarely away from the kitchen when it is occupied by one of my dads. Of course, I am as close to the kitchen table as I can get during mealtime. At breakfast my dad, Steve shares his morning banana with me, and sometimes with Cato, if he isn’t being picky. My dads always try to give us healthy treats, but once and a while we get a piece of meat or, our favorite pizza crusts.

My brother Cato is not as vigilant as I am when it comes to looking for the odd piece of food that could fall of the table or counter. He usually just lies under the table sleeping until he hears my mouth chewing. Then he sits up and waits for something to go his way.

In the picture above you can see me, Lucky, on the left, and Cato, on the right watching every move our dad Kevin is making, just in case, he drops something as he prepares a charcuterie board for a party. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a thing. Oh well, next time!

My dads are always calling me a pig for constantly looking for something to eat. But as I see it, I am only helping the floor stay clean by scarfing up any food before it hits the floor. It’s a job that requires a lot of patience!


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