My name is Lucky!


    My name is Lucky and I am a spayed female Cattle Dog. I weigh 46.5 lbs. I am shorter, but heavier than my brother Cato.  I am a bit hyper and love to play all of the time. I love to play ball, go swimming and beat up Cato. When I play ball with Cato I usually always get the ball. My favorite toy is my donut, a hard rubber ring. My vet said that I am a hoarder because I hoard all of our toys and won’t let Cato have anything. I love treats and I can eat mine very fast and sometimes manage to steal Cato’s. I do not like my crate and when my daddies put me there when they go out I bark and howl until they come back. I love to go for walks but I do not behave very well. I also bark at just about everything I see, especially kids playing, because I want to play with them. I love to go swimming in the pool and playing ball there, but Cato is too afraid to come in the water with me.
My baby picture.

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